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Our climate is changing. Are you ready?
Value-Added Services


So why do we even exist? That's because a lot of the data doesn't quite give you what you need -- yet. We can synthesise it so it does.


Our projects address a wide range of topics, including regional climate change assessments, greenhouse gas emissions, controls and abatement strategies, and multi-scale analysis of interactions between the global environment and local to regional-scale climate, water resources, air quality, and health.


Products include:


- Reviews of the latest scientific literature on a specific topic


- Charts, graphics and maps of past, present and future emissions or climate characteristics of a region


- Calculations of projected future changes in relevant climate indicators, such as temperature thresholds for agricultural crops, or the occurrence of heavy rainfall events for municipal sewer system planning


- Evaluation of future greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions and control strategies, and their impacts on climate change


- Data formatted to the client’s requirements, to be used as input to a specific impacts model or commercially-available visualization packages such as ArcGIS

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