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Projects address a wide range of topics, including regional climate change assessments, greenhouse gas emissions, controls and abatement strategies, and multi-scale analysis of interactions between the global environment and local to regional-scale climate, water resources, air quality, and health.
Basic Projects


These projects offer turn-key solutions to basic questions on climate change. Example questions include: How hot is it going get in the future? Will there be lots of flooding? Is drought going to affect me? Such projects are cost-efficient and can be completed within a timeframe of a few weeks.

Intermediate Projects


These projects bring in more customization to your specific problem. For example, you may care about the number of days per year hotter than 92oF; or how often the 10-year flood will occur in the future. We take your indicators and create custom projections for the specific aspects of climate that matter to you.

Advanced projects

This category of projects involves even further customization and potentially even new research. For example, we have characterized the impacts that would be expected across specific global mean temperature thresholds; reviewed state hazard mitigation plans' ability to incorporate climate change; and developed educational information. on climate projections.

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